Every piece on this site if not indicated as sold, is available as an original as well as a digital file in 300dpi and as a digital print in size of the original maximum 30 by 44 cm.

The price for the originals is varying between 400 and 600 Euro. The digital files are depending what they going to be used for up to negotiation A print is 50 Euro plus shipping

If you like an image, or want to contract me on a specific project, please mail or phone:

I am living at the moment in Budapest(cause of the mother of my daughter). Originals and prints are sent from Germany.

Helmut K. is a one man operation.So I make my own mistakes. If you place an order you'll get an confirmation mail from the above mail address.

Payment via bank transfer ore credit card.Paypal or shopping cart will eventually come, once I understood how it works.Until then it is as said very much a one man operation.