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During my military service our superiors had fun asking if somebody can play the piano and this somebody was ending up cutting the grass in front of the captains office with a paper scissor.

After finishing my studies in the mid eighties as an illustrator I joined a business, which made the ability to draw a mandatory, and then with a very few exceptions they never really asked for the skill again.

I didn't like cutting grass with paper scissors but I did like the job and if you want to know what I did visit

During those years tough, I haven't done a lot to make myself known as an illustrator but I did draw quite a bit and gradually and very inefficiently work came along but most of the time I worked for myself sold here and there a piece and piled up quite a few drawings until technology and capable friends made it possible for me to do this site. More a stock site as the amount of work is indicating but if you are interested in contracting me I am happy to work on a brief.

When I started out, I worked on paper and despite all the technology constantly developing I still prefer ink or pencil on paper. Every piece you can see on this site started and got finished outside the computer and I hope what you see is as close as possible to the offline version. I still believe that originality and freshness can come from working by hand and that the world outside the computer stays valid until we all might end up as a digital version.