Looking at a dream destination, Warsaw was not really on top of my priority list. So I thought I am going to stay for maximum one year. I stayed for more then three years and went frequently back.

There is probably a moment when you loose your status as a visitor or tourist and turn into something else. I have this special talent to keep this 'something else' status for years and that in a few different countries. The result are in quite e few drawings about Moscow, Budapest or Prague.

Then there are the places you are just visiting for a few days or weeks and some never planned drawings are produced just because. Some of the drawings where done in front of the subject others where started and finished at home depending on temperature or the availability of a toilette and sure photography can help a lot when it is raining or the police is asking for your passport like in the Moscow underground. Having no passport on you in Moscow as a foreigner is quite an experience, but combining that with an urgent need to visit the toilette is an experience I don't want to repeat ever again.